Jessica Dupont-Roux

Jessica Dupont-Roux


Born in Montreal, Jessica Dupont-Roux started dancing at the age of five at Dans’Atout. She maintains open-mindedness through numerous practices such as ballet, tap, musical comedy and theatre.

Passionate about the expressiveness of the human body, Jessica aspires to explore contemporary dance. At the age of 16, she entered the École Contemporaine de Montreal where she developed an artistic conscience. She has had the chance to work with Angelique Willkie, Darryl Tracy, Hélène Blackburn, Parts & Labour Danse, Deborah Dunn, Sam Coren, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Jason Martin and Marie Chouinard Company who have greatly contributed to her artistic journey.

Currently, she’s particularly interested in movement taking the starting point in perception, as well as, the state of change via physical change. She also hopes to develop choreography projects in the future. She works at Dans’Atout with young students to transmit her passion of movement.

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