Emilie Ritch

Emilie Ritch


Emilie Ritch joined the Dans’atout family at the age of 3. Skipping, laughing and twirling in ballet and tap quickly evolved into something bigger. Her devotion for dance had emerged. Since then, she has participated in many summer dance camps and has added modern to her repertoire.

Over the years, she has taken multiple ballet exams with the Royal Academy of Dance achieving distinction in grade 6 and 7 and the highest mark for her intermediate exam. She is also the first student to have successfully passed her advance one ballet exam at Dans’atout. In 2013, she was awarded the Dans’atout dance scholarship for her passion and hard work.

Emilie’s love of dance allowed her to choreograph a solo which she performed at the Place des Arts accompanied by a pianist for her high school gala. Emilie has touched many people with her warm, kind and caring personality. She is excited to learn of what the future holds and can’t wait to transmit her love of dance to others.

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