How to choose a dance school

Choosing a dance school can seem overwhelming for families new to dance. It seems that now days, dance schools are popping up everywhere. How will you know if you are entrusting your child to a reputable dance school? There are a few things that should be known before choosing a dance school.

How to choose a dance school

The main reason children join a dance class is for fun. It is an extra-curricular activity where a child will make new friends, get some exercise, and learn to dance. At many dance schools each teacher sets their own curriculum. What happens in this sort of studio is that each teacher has their own terminology, their own ideas of what should be taught, and their own standards. Each year as students get new teachers they learn a new set of ideals. The problem is that dancers don’t progress from year to year. Though your child may be having fun, they could be learning much more.

At Dans’Atout all the teachers follow a set curriculum. It doesn’t matter which teacher your child gets, the terminology and the standards are the same. Each level is taught fully before a child moves onto the next level. Every year, teachers know exactly where the students have left off and continue with the new work. Because of this, dancers progress very quickly. Though dancing is for fun, wouldn’t you prefer knowing that you have been paying for a quality education as well?

Find out who is teaching

Many studios attract clientele by advertising that they have famous teachers. They list all the television shows and professional work that their teachers have done. Though this proves that their teachers are good performers, it is not a guarantee that they are good teachers. Have these people done any teacher training? Do they hold any degrees? Are they certified?

At Dans’Atout all of our teachers undergo yearly teacher training under the direction of our certified RAD teachers as well as directly from the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. We understand that being a good dancer is not enough to be a good teacher. The safety of the students lay in the hands of our staff and we take this privilege very seriously. Our carefully selected teachers are monitored throughout the year to ensure that the quality and safety standards are being met.

Ask about the dance rooms

All you need is a large room and a few mirrors and there you have a dance studio. It seems simple enough but there is a lot more to it. What are the floors made of? Are there any obstacles? Is there air conditioning? Many studios have wood floors which are nice to look at but very slippery for dancers. Some have proper “marley” dance floors that are designed for ballet but horrible for tap dancing. Some studios even have pillars in their rooms or low ceilings. It is very important to visit the site before enrolling.

Dans’Atout has 4 large dance studios with lots of natural light as well as air conditioning. The floors are raised and laid on a special sub-flooring to reduce harmful impacts and protect dancers. The top layer is a floating floor made of specially designed tiles from Sport Court ™ that is excellent for tap dancing and anti-slip for ballet. There are beautiful full length mirrors and numerous ballet barres safely secured to the walls.

Customer service

Find out what sort of customer service is available to you. Perhaps you prefer speaking to people in person or by phone. Maybe you are tech-savvy and prefer to communicate by text message, e-mail or even Facebook.

At Dans’Atout we make contacting us easy. There are multiple ways to reach us. You can reach us by telephone as you can at any studio but with us, you can also use text message, email, or even Facebook. We can be reached 7 days a week for any of your questions or concerns. Our front desk is manned by our teachers so any questions about classes or curriculum can be answered on the spot. At Dans’Atout, we are constantly looking for ways to better serve our clients.