COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Waiver

The new coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly through person-to-person contact. Therefore, government authorities, both local, provincial and federal, recommend various measures and prohibit various behaviors, all with the aim of reducing the spread of the virus.

Dans’Atout will comply with all the requirements and recommendations put forth by Public Health of Quebec and other government authorities, and has put in place all the measures necessary for this purpose. However, Dans’Atout cannot guarantee that you (or your child, if the participant is a minor / or the person of whom you are the guardian or legal guardian) will not be infected with COVID-19. In addition, your participation in activities could increase your risk of contracting COVID-19, despite all the measures in place.

By acknowledging this document,

  1. I recognize the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 and I voluntarily assume the risk that I (or my child, if the participant is a minor / or the person for whom I am the guardian or legal representative) could be exposed or infected by COVID-19 by my (his/her) participation in the activities of Dans’Atout. Exposure to or infection with COVID-19 can, among other things, result in injury, illness or other conditions;
  2. I declare that my participation (or that of my child, if the participant is a minor / or the person of whom I am the tutor or legal guardian) in the activities of Dans’Atout is voluntary;
  3. I declare that neither I (or my child, if the participant is a minor / or the person for whom I am the tutor or legal guardian), or anyone living under my roof, has not shown symptoms of a cold or flu ( including fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness or difficulty breathing) in the past 14 days;
  4. If I (or my child, if the participant is a minor / or the person of whom I am the guardian or legal guardian), experiences symptoms of cold or flu after the signing of this declaration, I (or my child if the participant is a minor / or the person for whom I am the guardian or legal representative) agrees not to present myself or participate in the activities of Dans’Atout for at least 14 days after the last event of the cold or flu symptoms.
  5. I declare that neither I (or my child, if the participant is a minor / or the person for whom I am the tutor or legal guardian), or any person living under my roof, has traveled or stopped over outside Canada, or any province outside Quebec in the past 14 days. If I (or my child if the participant is a minor / or the person for whom I am the tutor or legal guardian) travel outside the province of Quebec after signing this declaration, I (or my child if the participant is minor / or the person for whom I am the tutor or legal representative) agrees not to present myself or participate in the activities of Dasns’Atout for at least 14 days after the return from my trip.

This document will remain in effect until Dans’Atout receives instructions from provincial government authorities and Quebec Public Health, to the effect that the commitments contained in this declaration are no longer necessary.


COVID-19 Safety Policy & Protocol

Next season will look a little different. To ensure the health and safety of our students and faculty, we will follow guidelines outlined by the Quebec government – Public Health and CNESST. Dans’Atout has as well consulted with the relaunch strategies set forward by the RED (Réseau d’enseignement de la danse) and various Quebec sports Federation.

As we work together, here is what we would like you to know:

The Schedule & Classroom:

  • We will be adjusting class durations to allow for disinfecting between classes. This means that though a class may show as 1 hour on the schedule, the last 10 minutes will be used for cleaning. If it’s the last class of the day, we will clean after class. By registering, you accept that the shorter class lengths are acceptable to you during the time of this pandemic at no discounted price;
  • Each classroom will have a grid pattern on the floor outlining each dancer’s social distanced space.
  • Washrooms will only be used to wash hands and for emergency toilet use in which case there is a disinfecting protocol to follow after each use of the washroom.
  • Dancers will arrive wearing a MASK already dressed for dance class in their dance clothes under their street clothes;
  • Parents will not be permitted inside the building for any reason except for the Kinderdance classes where the parent will be dancing with their child.
  • During colder weather, students should arrive with minimal items such as boots and coat only. Please do not send hats, mitts, scarves etc… Dancers will have their own hanger on which to hang their coat and place in the classroom on the barre next to them. Boots will go on the boot rack.

Traffic Flow:

  • Dancers will be permitted to enter the building not more than 10 minutes before their designated class time. Parents must pick up their dancers on time to avoid having too many dancers in the building.
  • All students will enter through the 8604 (Studio D) door and exit through the main door;
  • Arriving, students will line up outside the door keeping a safe 2 meter distance;
  • Pre-screening will take place before entering the building (temperature check);
  • Parents must wait until their child has been cleared to enter the building before the parent can leave;
  • Hand sanitizing will be done before dancers enter the building;
  • Students must enter the dance school with minimal personal items meaning only their clean indoor dance shoes and water bottle. Dance bags and water bottles will be placed inside the class around the perimeter. Weather permitting; parents will keep the student’s jackets and sweaters with them in the car;
  • When class is over students will line up at the exit door, using social distancing. Parents will come to the exterior door and ask for their child.
  • If the child has a break they may sit on an X in the waiting area with a mask on and wait for their next class. They are not permitted to wander around. They must stay in one spot so that it can easily be disinfected once they return to class.

In the event someone contracts the virus:

  • We will follow the procedures and guidelines set by Public Health
  • If you or your child has any symptoms you must call 811 for the proper protocol.

Here is what we will do in the studio to keep students safe:

  • Staff will not report to work if they do not feel well or if they had contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19;
  • We have installed no touch soap dispensers and numerous hand sanitizing stations. We will wash and sanitize our hands often;
  • We will wear masks or visors when circulating. Currently all sporting activities (including dance) are permitted to occur without masks if everyone is socially distanced.
  • We will sanitize all common touchpoints between each class;
  • We will supervise arrival and dismissal of students;
  • We will NOT use any props in classes such as balls, ribbons etc…;
  • No unnecessary body contact (e.g. hugs, high five etc.);
  • Teachers will not manually correct students; they will describe corrections verbally;
  • Teachers will adapt their exercises and choreographies to try avoid using the floor and major movements outside of their dance grid;
  • If floor work is done (abs, stretching, etc…) we will ask dancers ahead of time to bring a disinfected yoga mat or towel from home and wash it after class.
  • If a class does floor work and does not use mats, the floors will be disinfected between classes;
  • The entire premise will be thoroughly disinfected each night;

Here’s what we need parents and students to do:

  • Parents are to wait in cars, or leave during class as the waiting room will not be available;
  • Students will be allowed to enter the building 10 minutes before class, not more;
  • All students must wear a mask upon entering Dans’Atout and at all times in the common areas where the 2 meter distance may not be possible to be respected. Dancers can remove the mask to dance, once they are in their designated square;
  • Please be on time to pick up your dancer as we have very limited capacity in the building:
  • Students must not come to class if within the last 14 days they have had contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19. They are also not permitted to come to class with a cough, sore throat or any other flu or cold like symptom. If they are not feeling well, they must stay home;
  • Dancers aged 5 and up must be comfortable and independent enough to come into the school without their parents because we do not have enough room in our entrance area and change room to keep adults socially distanced. This excludes “Kinderdance” classes who can enter with their parents as they will dance with them. Teachers and assistants will supervise young dancers getting ready for class;
  • Students must already be dressed in their dance clothes and are to only bring their required change of shoes and a water bottle to class. While the weather permits, all outer wear (sweaters, pants, jackets) are to be left with parent at the door;
  • All dancers are asked to bring a small Ziploc type bag to put their mask in if they take it off to dance;
  • Bare feet are prohibited (except for Acro classes), all dancers must wear socks or clean indoor dance shoes;
  • For Acro dance, once the child is on their designated mat, they can remove their socks and feet must be sanitized. Before leaving the mat, the socks must be put back on;
  • Students are asked to go to the bathroom at home before coming into the studio. Bathrooms should be reserved for emergency toilet needs;
  • Students and parents are encouraged to wipe all items with sanitizer wipes e.g. shoes, water bottle, before & after coming to the studio;
  • Please “Name” all items being brought to the studio as there will be no lost and found.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Conditions”) govern the provision of services by 9185-6096 Quebec Inc (Dans’Atout), having a place of business at 8606 Centrale, Suite 201, LaSalle, Qc., H8P 1N5 (“DANS’ATOUT” or “we “).
You must create an account in order to register for a course, for yourself or for a minor under your care (“Student”). The account holder must be 18 years of age or over and, where applicable, confirm that they have parental authority over the Student they are enrolling ((“Clients (s)” or “you”).
These Conditions constitute a contract between “DANS’ATOUT” and its clients.

The Client acknowledges that he understands that the practice of dance, physical conditioning or any other activity offered by DANS’ATOUT represents inherent risks. The Client must ensure that his physical condition or that of the Student he is enrolling allows him to participate in the planned course and to consult a doctor if necessary. By confirming their registration or that of the Student they represent, the Client thus releases DANS’ATOUT and its staff from any liability related to accidents, injuries or other damages that may occur before, during or after the classes (including online courses), competitions, shows and other performances, whether inside or outside the premises. In addition, the Client hereby expressly consents to emergency first aid being administered to the Student if necessary, including transportation by ambulance. We are committed to communicating with you as soon as possible in the event of such an event.
We will not be responsible for the theft, damage or loss of your personal effects or those of a Student. We recommend that you do not bring valuables to classes, competitions or performances.
Our liability under these Terms is limited to the amount we have received from you for enrolment in a course. DANS’ATOUT, its directors, officers, employees and representatives, can in no way be held responsible towards you, the Student or towards any other person, for indirect, incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages resulting from the participation in a course, a competition, a show or any other event.

Images in various media (photos, videos, etc.) can be captured both during the course of the class and during events such as competitions or shows. The student may appear for the purposes of presentation and promotion of the activities of DANS’ATOUT. The Client acknowledges that all images are and will remain at all times the property of DANS’ATOUT and thus transfers to DANS’ATOUT all intellectual property rights to which he may claim over them. By confirming his registration or that of a Student for whom he exercises the legal rights, the Client thus consents, free of charge and for the duration of their use by DANS’ATOUT, that the images are: captured; disseminated by DANS’ATOUT by any means deemed appropriate (social networks, website, written media, etc.); used for promotional or other purposes; transmitted to third parties, including partners from DANS’ATOUT; modified, adapted, or reproduced at the sole discretion of DANS’ATOUT; assigned or licensed to third parties for any of the purposes mentioned above.

DANS’ATOUT charges a penalty fee of $ 45 for any NSF check or declined payment. Once notified of the NSF check, you must pay your balance by e-transfer, plus the $ 45 penalty fee within 5 business days (and this must be before the student can attend their next class).

Late payments will incur late fees in the amount of 2% per month of the amount owing. A charge of $150 will be added to the fees in the event that collection must be done through a third party collection agency.

Costumes are worn during shows or competitions. Participation in shows is optional. Any Student participating in a show must purchase a costume. The price varies according to the specifics of the latter and will be communicated to the Client before the order deadline (mid-Autumn). Additional charges may apply for late ordering.
Note that DANS’ATOUT costumes are not sold to you by DANS’ATOUT. They are therefore provided to you as is and at your own risk, any legal warranty being excluded on them.

DANS’ATOUT will not be responsible for any theft, loss or damage once you have taken possession of the costume.

Since the costumes are produced following the studio’s order, they cannot be refunded for any reason. In the event of a course withdrawal or cancellation for any reason whatsoever, it is understood that the Student may keep any costume for which he has paid the purchase price.

Dancers must wear the required uniform for the class that they are attending. Please refer to the Dancer Handbook for all details. Appropriate footwear is a requirement and dance shoes must be supplied by the dancer. We would be happy to refer you to a dance supply store. No street shoes will be permitted on the dance floors. During class students must have their hair tied up and out of their faces. Please ensure that your child always has extra hair elastics.

For the safety of students, instructors and staff, DANS’ATOUT reserves the right to cancel a class on an ad hoc basis if the circumstances require it, for example in the event of a storm, loss of electricity or any other event that does not reasonably ensure the safety of Students and teachers. These classes will not be replaced and will not be subject to reimbursement. In the event of the absence of a teacher for illness or for any other reason, DANS’ATOUT will assign a replacement, determined in its sole discretion, to ensure the continuation of the class.
If you would like to know if a class is canceled, please consult our Facebook page, your emails or the message on our voicemail at 514-366-4334.

-The registration fee of 25$ per session is non-refundable
-If the course the Client registered for is cancelled by DANS’ATOUT, the Client will be fully reimbursed
-All classes that have taken place before the request for cancellation must be paid for
-The date of withdrawal will be the date that the Client notified DANS’ATOUT, in writing.

Withdrawal before the start of classes:
-The Client must submit their request to withdraw in writing to DANS’ATOUT, an email to is sufficient
-The registration fee of 25$ per session is non-refundable
-The Client will be reimbursed the course fees paid

Withdrawal after the 1st course but before the 3rd course (meaning 2 courses have taken place):
-The Client must submit their request to withdraw in writing to DANS’ATOUT, an email to is sufficient
-The registration fee of 25$ per session is non-refundable
-The Client will be reimbursed the course fees (for the courses that have not yet taken place) less a penalty equal to 10% of the cost of courses being reimbursed

Withdrawal after the 3rd course but before the 4th course (meaning 3 courses have taken place):
-The Client must submit their request to withdraw in writing to DANS’ATOUT, an email to is sufficient
-No reimbursement is permitted but the Client can request a credit to the Student’s account to be applied to a future session. The Client will be credited the fees equivalent to the remaining courses without penalty.
-The registration fee of 25$ per session is non-refundable
-The Client must use the credit within 1 year (365 days) from the date of withdrawal.

Withdrawal after the fourth course:
-The registration fee of 25$ per session is non-refundable
-No reimbursement or credit will be granted if the Client withdraws after the fourth course.

Classes will be given in studio whenever possible. However, should the circumstances require it, especially in the event of a new epidemiological wave linked to COVID-19 or any other public health incident; the classes will be given in virtual form according to the usual schedule. It will then be your responsibility to provide the Student with the required assistance they may need and to have the necessary technological equipment.

DANS’ATOUT is committed to complying with the requirements and recommendations of government authorities in matters of public health and to taking the necessary measures in this regard. All health protocols and other measures that will be adopted by DANS’ATOUT must be strictly observed by Clients and Students.

*** When transferring to a virtual platform, monthly payments will continue as usual. You acknowledge and agree to pay for ACCESS TO CLASSES regardless of whether they are given in person at the studio or by virtual means.