Pre-school Dance
3-4 years old

Kinderdance is stretching, strengthening, and coordination exercises introducing the basics of classical ballet, and tap. Through entertaining games and songs, the students learn basic feet and arm positions and terminology. The movements and motor skills introduced in Kinderdance evolve into ballet steps and tap steps. These 45 minute classes are offered to 3 and 4 year old students. This energetic and fun introduction to dance involves coordination, rhythm exercises, and music appreciation. The child will learn body awareness and creative movement and they sure will love those tap shoes.

Kinder Dance

Hip Hop
For dancers
5 years and older

Hip hop is a cultural movement that began among urban African American and Latino youth in New York. Elements of hip-hop include Locking and Popping, Break dancing, Old School, Krumping, and many other variations. It is an urban style of dance and many dance schools have finally accepted the style as a main stream discipline.

Royal Academy of Dance
5 years and older

Ballet is the base of all other styles of dance. It is a style of dance that is based in strong technique. Classes consist of barre work where students strengthen their posture as well as center work concentrating on their core. Ballet incorporates strong athletic steps with graceful and fluent movements. It is one of the most difficult styles of dance of master.


5 years and older

Tap is a style of dance where the dancer uses their feet to strike the floor, beating out different rhythms. Special tap shoes are worn which have small metal plates on the toe and heel to give the distinctive sound. Tap dance is a theatrical art form often seen on stage in musicals.

5 years and older

Jazz is a style of dance that uses a strong base of technical elements which include jumps, leaps, turns, and kicks set to trendy music. Jazz is a sassy style of dance that you will see in music videos and other commercial type shows. To excel in jazz, dancers need a strong background in ballet, as it encourages grace and balance.


Musical Theatre
Acting / Singing / Dancing
8 years and older

Musical theatre is a form of theatre combining songs, spoken dialogue and dance. At Dans’Atout this class is offered in a workshop setting where students are expected to already have a strong technical background in ballet or jazz.

For trained dancers
13 years and older

Contemporary dance is a style that uses emotion, rather than choreography, to guide movement. It uses dance technique found in ballet, modern dance and jazz. Contemporary relies on different ideas of movement that are outside the realm of classical dance.


8 years and older

Modern dance is a rhythmic dance style often seen on the stages of musical productions. It is based on ballet and jazz technique with a more organic movement. The style uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. This is a highly energetic dance style.

Acro Dance
For dancers
7 years and older

It is a genre of dance which seamlessly fuses elements of lyrical gymnastics tricks, balancing, tumbling, and jazz. Students learn Acrobatic tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers, side and front aerials, and tumbling lines.


Why Choose Dans'Atout

Here at Dans’Atout we committed to provide:

Qualified Teaching Staff

Our qualified teachers are trained to prepare students for various dance exams.

Dance Competitions

We have a strong competitive team that ranked highest scoring studio in 2017.

Professional Annual Recitals

Each year we work hard to put together a fabulous professional dance show for all our wonderful students and parents.

So you want to dance?

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