Misconceptions about dancing

My 2 year old really loves to dance. Anytime there is music playing, she is always dancing. I think she is ready to be enrolled in dance classes.

Though a 2 year old may love music and love dancing around, they may not be ready for a class environment. To get the most out of their classes, they must have a long enough attention span to listen to the teacher’s directions and follow her example. Exercises are done all together with the teacher or one at a time across the floor. Most 2 year olds would much prefer to run around and dance freely. Trying to contain them into the class format may not be fun for them giving them a bad experience with dance. Though some 2 year olds are more than ready to learn, and we can evaluate a child on the request of their parents, we much prefer to wait until a child a ready to be in a real dance class. They will love coming to class! In the meantime, we are happy to offer parent and toddler classes to introduce your little one to our studio. Check out our Karibou program!

Boys shouldn’t do ballet. It isn’t manly enough.

Ballet is both for boys and girls. The RAD ballet program has specific exercises for boys which build strength and flexibility. The required combinations are geared towards boys with actions such as cowboys lassoing and karate arms. Ballet takes a lot of strength and endurance. As boys grow older, they will learn lifts and eventually they will be able to lift the female dancers over their heads. Ballet also teaches balance and works on core strength. Some professional Hockey and Football players take ballet for these reasons. It is the 21st Century and old stereotypes are outdated. We believe that all children, boys and girls, should have the chance to love dance.

My daughter is a Tom Boy. Dancing really isn’t for her.

Though your daughter may love to play with trucks, she may also love to dance. The only way to be sure is to give her the opportunity to try. The director of Dans’Atout, Melanie, was a real Tom Boy as a child. Her mother was worried that she had no grace and would never walk like a lady. Her solution was to enroll Melanie into a ballet class. Not only did it improve Melanie’s posture and fluidity, she absolutely fell in love with dance. Over 20 years later, Melanie is still dancing and still loving every minute of it.

My child is completely uncoordinated. She is no good at dancing.

If a child is not good at dancing, then they definitely need some lessons! By learning exercises and steps, anyone can learn to dance. Not everyone can become a professional dancer but anyone can learn the fundamentals. Being well-coordinated is an important skill for everyday life, not only for dancing. The elements that are taught in dance classes work on coordination, balance and grace.