Over 40 years of quality dance instruction



My daughter, Cristin, has been dancing with Dans’Atout for 7 years, and is now 14. She is in the process of training for her RAD Vocational Intermediate Ballet exam. The teachers are dynamic, dedicated, and most of all professional, however, at the same time allowing children to feel safe, have fun, and learn.

As a parent I appreciate the family environment. The camaraderie that is felt throughout all age groups, and the team dynamics are phenomenal.

True supporter of DansAtout!

Julie R. – Verdun
Our girls are starting their 5th year at Dans’Atout. They’ve been there since the ages of 3 and 4. The teachers at Dans’Atout are outstanding.

They’re not only sharing their superior dancing skills, they’re also passing along their love of dance to our girls. All the teachers and crew are patient, attentive and totally dedicated to the students. We’re happy to leave our girls in their capable hands each week.

We love Dans’Atout!

Linda N. – LaSalle
What I love about dancing at Dans’ Atout is that you can be yourself. I can express myself through the different styles of dance. When I’m there, nothing else matters. I forget about everything else in my life, and I lose myself in the music. I love the feeling of being free, and that I can do anything even with all the physical pain it can bring. The more you ache and hurt, the more you know how hard you’ve been working. I dance to show that I am somebody, even though I may not be good at all styles I do try as hard as I can in all of my classes. ”I dance to express and not to impress”. It’s something I’m passionate about, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Jordan C. – LaSalle